India refuses Trump’s help in reconciling with China
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India refuses Trump’s help in reconciling with China

`The two sides have established mechanisms at both the military and diplomatic levels to resolve situations that may arise in the border area by peaceful means through dialogue and will continue to communicate through

The statement was made after US President Donald Trump posted on Twitter on May 27 that he had informed both China and India that the US was `ready, willing, and able` to `mediate` the border dispute

US President Donald Trump at a press conference at the White House, May 28.

Trump’s remarks have sparked tough views among many senior Indian officials.

However, India’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs reaffirmed its stance on resolving disputes with China bilaterally, without the intervention of a third party.

“The Indian Army takes a very responsible approach to border management, strictly following the process in bilateral agreements and protocols with China to resolve any issues that may arise

Trump made the offer to `mediate` a few days after US diplomat in charge of South Asia Alice Wells supported India’s sovereignty claim and asked them to resist `Chinese aggression`.

A former Indian diplomat explained that Trump’s mention of both countries in the same sentence shows that the tweet `does not show any significant concern or support` for India, even though the country is a close ally

India refuses Trump's help in reconciling with China

Territorial dispute area between India and China.

Anil Wadhwa, former Indian ambassador and foreign policy expert, said that Trump’s statement was just to prove to American voters that he `is a statesman.`

India and China share a 3,488 km long border.

At least two clashes between the two countries’ border guards took place in early May in the northern Ladakh region and at the Naku La pass connecting India’s Sikkim with China’s Tibet, injuring many soldiers on both sides.

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