The US Secretary tested the F-16 fighter controlled by AI
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The US Secretary tested the F-16 fighter controlled by AI

The American F-16 fighter unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) version, named Vista, took off at noon on May 2 from Edwards Air Force Base in California, carrying a special passenger in the front seat, the Secretary.

The Vista fighter is white-orange in color, controlled by artificial intelligence (AI) technology and flies at a speed of more than 885 km/h next to a manned F-16.

Mr. Kendall, who worked as an aeronautical engineer, and the pilot in the back seat did not interfere with the plane’s control during the flight.

The US Secretary tested the unmanned F-16 variant

Secretary Kendall sat on an F-16 controlled by AI on May 2.

The Vista landed safely after an hour.

Not owning an AI-controlled fighter jet is `a security risk. We must have it,` the US Secretary of the Air Force emphasized.

There are many opinions opposing the plan for AI to automatically pilot fighters.

`There are many voices with deep concerns about giving sensors and software the power to make life-or-death decisions,` the International Committee of the Red Cross warned.

Meanwhile, Minister Kendall affirmed that there will always be human supervision in cases where weapons are used.

AI is one of the biggest advances in military aviation since the emergence of stealth technology in the early 1990s. The US Air Force is actively investing in AI and plans to build its force.

The US Secretary tested the F-16 fighter controlled by AI

Vista fighter (below) carrying Minister Kendall on May 2.

UAVs powered by AI will help the US Air Force penetrate enemy lines better, while minimizing the risk of losing pilots.

Another motivation for the Pentagon to pursue the project is that it will help the US Air Force cut costs.

The Vista operating team said that currently no country in the world owns jet fighters controlled by AI like the US.

The Vista aircraft first tested AI-controlled flights in September 2023, then made about 20 more similar flights.

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