The little girl almost died due to a rare syndrome related to Covid-19
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The little girl almost died due to a rare syndrome related to Covid-19

At the end of the day, Juliet Daly’s heart almost stopped beating.

She is one of more than 100 cases in the US of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome Related to Covid-19 (MISC).

The baby has multisystem inflammation with symptoms similar to Kawaski disease – a form of acute vasculitis.

Symptoms include fever, ulcers, and weakness in many organs such as the heart, kidneys, blood vessels, intestines, skin, and nerves.

Juliet Daly, 12, is on a ventilator due to Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome Associated with Covid-19 (MISC).

After cardiac arrest, Juliet was taken to Ochsner Children’s Hospital and placed on a ventilator.

`I didn’t really understand how serious the situation was, but it was scary,` Juliet said.

Initially, her parents suspected she had Covid-19, but were not completely sure because they thought the disease mainly affected adults and the elderly.

According to Dr. Kleinmahon, some children show signs of multisystem inflammation after recovering from Covid-19.

After 4 days of using the ventilator, Juliet’s health condition became more stable.

`When she woke up, she wanted to drink water and told my wife to call the teacher and say she was in the hospital,` Mr. Daly said.

Before its official name, multisystem inflammation was described as similar to Kawasaki disease, with septic shock syndrome.

While Kawasaki primarily affects the coronary arteries, multisystem inflammation due to Covid-19 appears to cause more dysfunction in the heart.

Earlier this week, research published in the Lancet Medical Journal showed that the number of children diagnosed with a disease similar to Kawasaki in Bergamo, Italy increased 30 times after the outbreak of the pandemic.

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