Taiwan conducts anti-landing exercises
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Taiwan conducts anti-landing exercises

Admiral Huang Shuguang, head of the general staff of the Taiwanese defense force, opened the Hanguang exercise yesterday, which will take place until July 17.

Han Quang is one of the most important exercises of the Taiwanese defense force, including computer combat simulation and live fire in many areas on the island.

A military source said the content of the first day of the exercise simulated scenarios for responding to missile attacks by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) targeting command centers, airports and bases.

`We are testing the defense capabilities of our units in such a scenario and testing the operational readiness of our reserve forces,` the source said.

China considers Taiwan a province awaiting reunification and has declared its readiness to use force if necessary, threatening the island to `pay a heavy price` if it pursues separatism.

Helicopter of the Taiwan Defense Force during a drill on July 2.

The giant Jiashan underground air base in Hualien, a strategic location in the east of the island, played an important role in the Hanguang exercise, the source said.

Taiwan’s surface ships and two submarines were sent to the southwestern sea of the island to prepare for a counterattack.

Taiwan’s defense agency said the coast defense force will be tested for its capabilities during this year’s exercises.

Several new Taiwanese constituting battalions participated in this year’s exercises.

During the exercise, Taiwan’s maritime self-defense force will conduct its first torpedo test since 2007. A Taiwanese submarine tomorrow will launch a SUT heavy torpedo at a target simulating an opposing warship.

Taiwan will hold a 30-minute air strike drill today, to test its readiness to respond to a PLA missile attack.

The Han Quang exercise was held in the context of increased tensions around both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

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