The secret behind airplane meals
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The secret behind airplane meals

Each airline always has its own menu to serve passengers on flights.

Each meal served to passengers is usually prepared 10 hours before the plane departs.

Food rations are calculated one year in advance

This step of calculation is meticulous down to the number of cherries used for a cocktail and is considered extremely important.

Food is tested on the plane

Normally, dishes served on board must be tasted right on the plane because cabin pressure can affect your taste.

Food is prepared right at the airport

The secret behind airplane meals

Food processing places are often located right near the airport for convenient transportation.

To ensure safety standards, food served on planes is prepared on the ground and near the airport.

Must be processed 10 hours before departure time

Typically, chicken is cooked to 60% and steak to about 30%.

Meals must be thrown away if the flight is delayed

The secret behind airplane meals

Delicious food must be thrown away if the flight is delayed or canceled.

When a flight is delayed, all prepared food will have to be thrown away.

If the plane is delayed while preparations are being made, the food must be put into refrigeration immediately.

There is no microwave on the plane

The passenger’s food tray is designed to fit a convection oven, which uses air propellers to heat food.

Reasons why passengers choose to drink more tomato juice

According to a study by Lufthansa, when the plane takes off, the sinuses are affected by air pressure, causing people to crave sour and salty foods.

Safe choice when ordering food on the plane

Stews or curries will be the optimal choice for you.

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