Life in a place without Covid-19
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Life in a place without Covid-19

Capri, located on the Bay of Naples in the Campania region, is often known as a favorite of high-class tourists.

`We are preparing to welcome millions of tourists, and prevent them from going to Spain or Greece for vacation. Now, the most important thing is not to waste time. The hotel industry must make decisions in

Capri is known as a high-end resort island.

Capri Mayor Marino Lembo said 80% of the island’s 15,000 residents have received the first dose of the vaccine.

`This is an extremely strong message that we want to send to the whole world – You can come here in absolute safety,` Mr. Lembo said.

Sergio Gargiulo, president of Federalberghi, an association representing about 60 hotels on the island, agreed: `Capri is not only Covid-19 free, but for customers who need it, we can organize a review.`

Life in a place without Covid-19

Capri is known for its high-end tourism, but its coastal trails are also a hit with nature lovers.

In 2020, the island’s tourism industry lost 70% of its revenue because of the pandemic.

Luigi Esposito, a guide specializing in outdoor excursions on the island, says: `Even guests of five-star hotels like to walk. I take them to explore the island’s secret places.`

Capri is not the only island to step up its vaccination campaign ahead of the summer.

Life in a place without Covid-19

Italy has about 30 small, sparsely populated islands and is a tourist hotspot every summer.

Currently, all visitors to Italy must quarantine for a minimum of five days, but with the soon-to-be-announced travel pass, the self-isolation requirement will be waived for travelers who have been vaccinated or have recovered from Covid-19 for six

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