The tribe did not know the time in Brazil
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The tribe did not know the time in Brazil

According to a study by scientists, until now the Amondawa tribe living in the Brazilian Amazon has no concept of time or date.

The Amondawa people first came into contact with the outside world in 1986 and since then, they have always been the subject of scientific researchers, linguists and explorers around the world.

Two researchers (left) pose for a photo with members of the Amondawa tribe in Brazil.

After undergoing research, scientists discovered that this tribe has a series of strange things.

There is no concept of time and no age

For the Amondawa people, time does not exist as we often think and there is no concept of them as something that can be measured or counted.

Members of the research team, including linguist Wany Sampaio and anthropologist Vera da Silva Sinha, spent eight weeks with the Amondawa people, trying to convey concepts like `next week` or `next year.`

Change name arbitrarily

For the Amondawa ethnic group, when a child is born, they also know how to name their child, but that name will not follow that person for life, but it will be changed many times in life.

The tribe did not know the time in Brazil

The Amondawa tribe lives in the vast Amazon forest in central Rondonia state, Brazil, near the border with Bolivia.

Organize spontaneous holidays

Time does not exist for the Amondawa people, so they do not know the world’s common holidays.

The Amondawa tribe first came into contact with the outside world in 1986, and until now they continue to make a living in the traditional way of farming, hunting, and fishing.

Black lip tattoo for beauty

The Amondawa ethnic group is famous for the name `black mouth` because they have the custom of tattooing their lips in black and only then are they considered beautiful, lips that are jet black and smooth like crow’s feathers are attractive.

In addition, on holidays, they also draw on their bodies an `X` shape that looks like a bird with open wings.

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