Toilet spray fever in America
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Toilet spray fever in America

`This item is exploding in the US, to the point where even if you want it, you can’t buy it. Everyone is out of stock. Everyone is fighting to get a device,` James Lin, founder of BidetKing, a device shopping platform

The toilet paper crisis in the US during the blockade period due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 no longer exists, but left a lasting impact on the business of sanitary spray equipment.

Shoppers even became true believers, spreading the convenience of spray sanitizers to family and friends, helping America catch up with the rest of the world in terms of use.

A set of cleaning equipment integrated into the toilet rim in the US.

Rosanne Orgill, who lives in Salt Lake City, bought three flushing devices that fit directly into the toilet in 2020, after her husband returned from a trip to dozens of countries and raved about how great the sprayers were.

`It’s strange that we don’t have these devices in America, because there’s really no better way to clean yourself,` Mrs. Orgill recalled her husband saying at the time.

Even though she had to call a plumber because she had problems after installing the unit herself, she was completely satisfied with the experience afterward.

Similar to Ms. Orgill, Ryan Deitsch was forced to find an alternative when facing the risk of running out of toilet paper during the 2020 epidemic season. Growing up in Florida, his family used to hoard toilet paper many times during the storm season.

`I re-evaluated my life choices, wondering if it was necessary to use toilet paper? Is that the best option, or is there another way?`, Mr. Deitsch shared about considerations during the pandemic.

After 4 years of using the spray device, Deitsch calls himself an `absolutely loyal fan`.

Toilet spray fever in America

Washing equipment products are given as gifts.

Before the pandemic, Sydney Cano, who lives in Virginia, was advised by a Muslim friend to use cleaning equipment.

Cano bought a toilet-mounted cleaning device after the pandemic broke out.

`My life has really changed. I’m not exaggerating, now I can’t live without it for the rest of my life,` Cano expressed.

Despite this wave, the US still lags behind many countries in the use of toilet spray devices, while Americans lead the world in toilet paper use per capita.

4/5 Japanese households are equipped with modern toilet cleaning systems.

Meanwhile, YouGov’s 2023 survey found that only 6% of American adults have these devices available in their homes.

Lin, founder of BidetKing, recently sold cleaning equipment products to hotels in the US, even to highway rest stops.

He noticed that Americans had a marked change in attitude towards this item and tended to share their experiences enthusiastically.

Startup company Tushy, specializing in cleaning spray equipment, increased its revenue 5 times in 2020, still showing no signs of slowing down four years later.

`By 2020, millions of people agreed to change, everyone was crazy,` Agrawal said.

Nicole Krawcke, editor-in-chief of Plumbing & Mechanical magazine, said the sanitary equipment industry is focusing on popularizing the benefits of these types of devices for the elderly and those with difficulty walking.

`These devices help reduce the burden on both the caregiver and the person needing care, helping them go to the toilet more easily and not feel embarrassed when asking for help,` she commented.

As a journalist, she once bought a device to `experience and research`.

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