Does nephrectomy affect longevity?
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Does nephrectomy affect longevity?

Nephrectomy is a major surgery in the urology field.

The life expectancy of a person who has had a nephrectomy depends on a number of factors, such as the cause of the surgery, partial or complete removal of a kidney, the health of the remaining kidney, and the underlying disease.

Partial nephrectomy may be indicated for patients whose tumors are localized in one area of the kidney and have not metastasized widely.

Removing an entire kidney is a more invasive surgery, often indicated when cancer has spread throughout the kidney.

Partial nephrectomy is indicated to remove the kidney tumor.

Survival rates after nephrectomy for kidney cancer also vary depending on the stage of the disease.

People who have their kidneys removed for the purpose of donation have a longer life expectancy than people who have surgery to treat the disease.

People who have had nephrectomy should see a doctor regularly to monitor recovery and check for problems related to the remaining kidney.

In addition to taking medication as prescribed by the doctor if any, patients should adjust their diet appropriately, avoid too much salt, drink enough water, control weight, blood sugar levels and balance minerals properly.

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