How Trump struggled out of the impeachment quagmire
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How Trump struggled out of the impeachment quagmire

When the US President made this statement in September, the Democratic-controlled US House of Representatives interviewed dozens of witnesses, but the impeachment investigation seemed to still be at a standstill.

Some people also believe that the publication of the content of the July 25 phone call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was a disaster.

Many of Trump’s confidants, including senator Lindsey Graham, advised the President to let lawyers and media experts handle the impeachment investigation.

Trump also raised the issue of the impeachment investigation in meetings with religious leaders or lawmakers.

US President Donald Trump at the White House on November 3.

At the White House and Trump’s re-election campaign headquarters, all focus is on the impeachment investigation, hindering efforts to resolve other issues.

On November 1, when asked who was responsible for managing the impeachment investigation of the President, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said it was Trump.

Trump seemed to want to `defend himself` even more strongly when he asked his aides to arrange more political rallies where he could speak out about his innocence to the crowd of supporters.

This schedule is said to be an opportunity for Trump to spread his `self-defense` message, in addition to campaigning for candidates in the upcoming governorship elections of Louisiana, Kentucky and Mississippi.

In closed-door meetings, Trump expressed disappointment that many Republicans did not speak out about his innocence as strongly as he defended himself, and wondered why his allies in the Senate still

The initial strategy of White House officials was to `ignore` the impeachment investigation, on the grounds that it had not been officially voted on by the House of Representatives.

But after the House of Representatives voted to approve the investigation on October 31, this approach gradually proved ineffective.

It is difficult for the Trump administration to continue `ignoring` the impeachment investigation, especially after Alexander Vindman, director of European affairs at the National Security Council, on October 29 became a House official.

Several other officials are also facing hearings, such as National Security Council lawyer John Eisenberg and deputy Michael Ellis.

How Trump struggled out of the impeachment quagmire

Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, director of European affairs at the National Security Council, arrived at the Capitol Building in Washington on October 29.

While the White House tried to prevent more people from testifying in the impeachment investigation, Trump’s re-election campaign seemed to be trying to find a way to take advantage of it to attract voter support by calling for

The campaign’s Arlington, Virginia headquarters has reserved an area to carry out activities defending Trump and attacking former US Vice President Joe Biden, the leading Democratic candidate in the race for the House of Representatives.

According to observers, although there is no overall communication plan or clear legal strategy, Trump’s team has at least become more `skilled` in responding to the President’s instructions.

The campaign also said it had raised $3 million on the day of the vote through the House impeachment inquiry, further reinforcing Trump’s significant financial advantage over his Democratic opponents, as

This advantage helps Trump’s campaign increase advertising on national television during prime time.

`But that doesn’t stop Donald Trump. He’s not a gentleman, but sometimes we need a Donald Trump to change Washington,` an ad said.

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