India allows the use of guns and ammunition at the border
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India allows the use of guns and ammunition at the border

The change in the Rules of Engagement (ROE) `gives full freedom of action` to commanders deployed along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), considered the India-China border, to `handle

Indian paramilitary forces stand guard as the Indian army convoy moves on the Srinagar-Ladakh highway on June 18.

Commanders will no longer be bound by firearms restrictions and will have full authority to respond to `exceptional situations,` using all resources at their disposal, one of the two officers said.

In his speech at a meeting on June 20, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the army was free to take necessary measures at the border and that India had conveyed its position to China through

`With the changes in the ROE, there are no more barriers to prevent Indian commanders from taking the actions they feel are necessary at the LAC. The ROE has been revised to deal with the brutal techniques of the Chinese army

The change was made after the clash between Indian and Chinese soldiers on June 15 in the Galwan valley, Ladakh region.

Indo-Chinese soldiers have not clashed with guns and bullets for many years due to compliance with the Indo-Chinese border agreements signed in 1996 and 2005. The agreement states that `both sides will not open fire or hunt with guns or explosives.`

India allows the use of guns and ammunition at the border

Location of Indian and Chinese soldiers’ deadly brawl on the evening of June 15.

After the clash, officials from the two countries are trying to resolve tensions through negotiations and dialogue to avoid escalating into a military conflict, but still blame each other for the scuffle and warn each other in the clashes.

The Indian army deployed a series of modern weapons to forward bases in Ladakh, including AH-64 Apache armed helicopters carrying Hellfire guided missiles, Chinook heavy transport helicopters, and Su-2 multi-role fighters.

Meanwhile, the Chinese military also increased its forces along the LAC.

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