K-pop fans claim to ‘sabotage’ Trump’s rally
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K-pop fans claim to ‘sabotage’ Trump’s rally

Mary Jo Laupp, a Tiktok user, is said to have led an effort on social media to `sabotage` President Donald Trump’s rally on June 20 in the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

Laupp’s call has attracted widespread support, with more than 700,000 likes on her video, along with responses from many K-pop (Korean pop music) fans.

President Trump appeared at the rally at BOK Center, Tulsa city on the evening of June 20.

Two K-pop fans said on June 21 that each of them had registered for two seats, but did not use their real names and phone numbers.

`At first, I heard about this virtual registration plan from fans of the Korean group BTS, then I saw the video on Tiktok and I was like wow, everything is going to explode,` said Raq, a 22-year-old student

Raq said the main reason she was at Trump’s rally was because it took place in Tulsa, which witnessed the deadliest violence against African Americans in American history about 100 years ago.

Em, a 17-year-old student at Kansas State, also said that she learned of Laupp’s plans through videos on Tikok.

Korean music fans have expressed their support for the anti-racism movement on social networks in recent weeks.

The event in Tulsa was Trump’s first campaign rally in three months, and organizers initially said more than a million people had registered to attend.

The Tulsa Fire Department said only about 6,200 people were present at Trump’s rally.

K-pop fans claim to 'sabotage' Trump's rally

Empty stands at Trump’s rally at BOK Center, Tulsa city on the evening of June 20.

The number of nCoV infections in Oklahoma has exceeded 10,000 and has increased sharply in recent days.

Tim Murtaugh, Trump campaign spokesman, said they eliminated `tens of thousands` of bogus phone numbers when calculating the number of people likely to attend the event.

Meanwhile, Democratic congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez praised the teenagers who participated in `pranks` on Trump on Tiktok.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s election campaign denied allegations related to Trump’s plan to sabotage the event.

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