Trump compares the Biden administration to Nazi Germany
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Trump compares the Biden administration to Nazi Germany

Former US President Donald Trump, during a meeting with Republican donors in Florida on May 4, angrily commented on the legal troubles surrounding himself, his business empire, those close to him and his family.

He accused President Joe Biden’s team of being behind a series of lawsuits and prosecutions, criticizing the White House for `behaving like Gestapo agents during the Nazi era,` according to a recording of a speech at the event leaked to the press.

The Gestapo was the secret police force of fascist boss Adolf Hitler, notorious for crimes against Jews and the suppression of all opponents of the Nazi government during the period 1933-1945.

`They are running a Gestapo-style government. They think that’s the only way to defeat me, but in fact they are running into death. Either way, I don’t care,` Mr. Trump told reporters.

Former US President Donald Trump spoke at a campaign event in Waukesha, Wisconsin on May 1.

Interviewed on CNN on May 5, North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, a Republican, said he was also present at Trump’s fundraising event in Florida and confirmed the controversial comment.

`This is a short comment on the sidelines, not the main content he wanted to convey at the event,` Burgum said.

President Joe Biden’s administration reacted harshly and criticized Mr. Trump’s statement.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates on May 5 also criticized Mr. Trump for `extreme fascist speech and being in the same boat as those who follow neo-Nazi ideology, spreading false conspiracy theories that force the police to

`Meanwhile, it is President Biden who is helping the American people unite and focus on the country’s common values of democracy and the rule of law. This policy is causing the violent crime rate in the US to fall the deepest.

Before his statement mentioning the Gestapo, Mr. Trump had repeatedly caused controversy for his words that evoked far-right politics or Nazi Germany during World War II.

He once called his political opponents `pests` and criticized the wave of illegal immigrants that was `poisoning the blood` of America.

Trump’s critics in the Republican and Democratic parties accused him of speaking like Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

`I don’t know anything about Hitler. I don’t know what Hitler ever said. From what I read in the newspaper, what he said is very different from what I said,` Trump affirmed.

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