Taiwan plans to accept Hong Kong people
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Taiwan plans to accept Hong Kong people

`Hong Kong is clearly a priority for Tsai Ing-wen,` a senior Taiwanese government official familiar with the matter said today, adding that the island government is focusing resources to handle the issue.

The plan will include paying monthly allowances to help Hong Kongers coming to Taiwan maintain their living and rent homes, according to a second source with knowledge of the preparations.

Nearly 200 Hong Kongers have come to Taiwan since protests broke out in the special zone last year, about 10% of whom were granted visas under a law protecting at-risk Hong Kongers for political reasons.

However, those who want to go to Taiwan now have to wait because Taiwan has banned people from Hong Kong from entering to prevent Covid-19.

Taiwan has very little experience accepting refugees and the island government is also concerned that `Chinese spies` could take advantage of the opportunity to infiltrate the island.

Taiwanese leader Tsai Ing-wen at an event in early June. Photo: CNA.

`This is a very complicated scenario that Taiwanese authorities have never handled,` the source said.

A committee of security officials will scrutinize asylum applications and issue visas allowing Hong Kong residents to study or work in Taiwan, the second source said.

A senior Western diplomat based in Taipei said that Taiwan would most likely take in Hong Kongers who cannot afford to go to countries like Canada or Britain.

Tyrant Lau, 26, who was released by Hong Kong authorities last month after serving eight months in prison on charges of possession of weapons, said he wanted Taiwan to become a second home for democracy on the island as well as spending

Mainland China’s Taiwan Affairs Office has not commented on the above information.

Last year’s months-long protests in Hong Kong received widespread support in Taiwan.

China denies accusations of curbing Hong Kong’s autonomy and freedom, and criticizes Tsai’s proposal.

China has always considered Taiwan a territory awaiting reunification, even by force if necessary.

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