America’s million-dollar cat spy project during the Cold War
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America’s million-dollar cat spy project during the Cold War

Sensors on the cat will record conversations remotely.

After World War II, tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union increased, causing these two superpowers to always seek ways to gain an advantage over the other.

Decoded documents from the US National Security Agency in 2001 revealed a secret project of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) called  `Ascoustic Kitty`, conducted for a decade

In 1961, the CIA’s Research and Development Department began implementing this project.

Such devices must be small enough not to arouse suspicion, and to withstand rubbing or licking.

Putting equipment in cat collars was not feasible, because the level of technology at that time was still in its infancy.

The 19 mm long transmitter is implanted at the base of the cat’s skull, with a microphone in the ear canal, and an electric battery placed in the chest cavity.

America's million-dollar cat spy project during the Cold War

Design of the reconnaissance system of the `Acoustic Kitty` project.

The experimental group of cats was monitored to see how they reacted to the device, ensuring they were comfortable and moving normally so as not to attract attention.

The final stage is training a group of spy cats, making the cost of the entire project up to 20 million USD.

In 1966, cats were mobilized to perform their first mission in Washington DC.

But when crossing the street to approach the target, the cat was run over by a taxi, the CIA’s first effort went up in smoke.

In 2013, Robert Wallace, former director of the CIA’s technical department, revealed that the cat was not dead.

The CIA spent up to 20 million USD without bringing any results.

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