‘Don’t force your grandparents to look after your grandchildren’
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‘Don’t force your grandparents to look after your grandchildren’

`Is entrusting grandparents to look after their grandchildren ‘disloyal’?`, many VnExpress readers believe that the responsibility of taking care of grandchildren should not be pushed to grandparents as a mandatory task:

This also depends on the perspective and actions of each person and each situation.

Sometimes when they miss their children and grandchildren, they come to visit for a week or two and then return.

My husband and I gave birth to two daughters: the oldest is 3 years old, the younger is 13 months old.

Sometimes if you can’t arrange the time, you’ll just send the grandparents to babysit for one day, or occasionally take the grandchild back to the grandparent’s house to play without forcing them to keep the grandchild.

I am not married yet, but I have determined that after having children, my husband and I will take turns taking care of the child.

When my cousin in the big city gave birth to his second child, he kept asking his grandmother to come out and take care of the baby until he picked up the older child from preschool.

When I had my first child, because I was still in the process of competing for promotion, I asked my grandparents to take care of the child for up to 18 months and then send it to kindergarten.

Often women go through childbirth, taking care of their children is like giving up half of their life, then taking the other half of their life to take care of their grandchildren. People call this beautiful ‘sacrifice’, but for me it is ‘exploitation’.

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