Hong Kong people have mixed reactions to the security law
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Hong Kong people have mixed reactions to the security law

Chinese President Xi Jinping yesterday signed the National Security Protection Act in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region with 6 chapters and 66 articles, after the law was passed by the Standing Committee of the National Assembly of China at its session.

The Act stipulates the responsibilities of organizations tasked with maintaining national security in Hong Kong, and defines four crimes of violating national security including secession, subversion, terrorism and collusion with

The new law raises fears that the mainland government will increase censorship and surveillance in Hong Kong, where people have long had freedom of speech.

`Will the founder of LIHKG consider deleting posts for all members?`, one person asked, a few hours after news of the security law being passed.

`The national security law is done, please delete the posts,` another person wrote.

Activists holding banners called on people to take to the streets on July 1 to protest the security law.

Opponents of the government, many of whom are young and educated, have been vigilant about their online activities since last year.

Because it’s unclear whether these actions could constitute a crime under the new law, people are being cautious, using encrypted apps and turning off biometric recognition on their smartphones.

Hours before the security law took effect, a member of LIHKG advised people to limit the publication of personal information on social networking platforms, delete phone numbers, and change email addresses.

`It’s better to be safe,` this person said.

Some people even deleted their Twitter accounts because they shared pictures supporting the protests.

Hong Kong people have mixed reactions to the security law

Despite the increased vigilance of many people, some others announced they would continue to speak out as long as possible and called for taking to the streets to protest the security law on July 1, despite the ban.

However, in a statement, the Liaison Office of the Chinese central government in Hong Kong said the promulgation and enforcement of the security law on this occasion is a joyful event for all Chinese people,

Hong Kong people who support the security law celebrate on the street after the law was passed on June 30.

According to this agency, nearly 2.93 million Hong Kong people signed a petition expressing support for the security law in an eight-day campaign from May 24, organized by the United Front to Support the Security Law.

More than 5,400 mobile booths were set up across the streets of Hong Kong to collect signatures and 25,000 people volunteered to work at these booths.

`Through the petition, we hope to express the support of the people of Hong Kong for the right decision to establish and improve the national legal system and enforcement mechanism for Hong Kong to

Mainland China’s Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office affirmed that for a small group of people who threaten national security, the law will be `a sharp sword` hanging over their heads, but for the majority of people

Anh Ngoc (According to SCMP, Xinhua)

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