Second night of protests in the American city
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Second night of protests in the American city

On the evening of May 27, US police rushed to deploy forces around the Third Police Precinct, Minneapolis, Minnesota, where officers were accused of killing George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man.

They continued their second night facing a growing number of protesters demanding justice for Floyd.

Protesters threw rocks and bottles at police and gathered outside the homes of Mike Freeman, the Hennepin County deputy, and Derek Chauvin, the officer who kept his knee on Floyd’s neck.

People protest in the rain on E. 38th Street, demanding justice for George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

A smaller, less chaotic protest also took place at Chicago Avenue and E. 38th Street, where Floyd died.

Floyd was restrained by four white police officers on May 25 due to allegations of involvement in a signature forgery case.

The police officers involved in the incident were fired by the Minneapolis Police Department.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and state law enforcement officials are investigating the incident.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said he couldn’t understand why the police officer who pressed his knee on Floyd’s neck until he blacked out has not yet been arrested.

Second night of protests in the American city

Protesters gathered outside the Third Police Precinct, city of Minneapolis, state of Minnesota, USA, on May 27.

`Why isn’t the man who killed George Floyd in jail yet? If you or I did it, we would be behind bars by now. Based on what I saw, that officer should be charged,` Frey said.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden called for the FBI to thoroughly investigate the incident.

Protests demanding justice for Floyd evoked memories of the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014, after a police officer shot and killed a young African American man suspected of robbery.

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