Myanmar police shot dead 11 protesters
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Myanmar police shot dead 11 protesters

Large-scale protests continued today in many provinces and cities across Myanmar to protest the military coup and the arrest of State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi.

In Yangon, Myanmar’s largest city, Reuters quoted a hospital doctor as saying a protester died when he was hit in the chest.

In Dawei town, southern Myanmar, security forces suppressed a march, leaving three protesters dead and at least 20 injured.

`The number of casualties may continue to rise, as there are still many injured people being brought in,` Pyae Zaw Hein said.

Myanmar police and military authorities have not commented on the above information.

Myanmar police arrested people participating in protests in Yangon city, February 27.

Several videos on social media showed escalating clashes between protesters and security forces.

At least five students were arrested during protests in downtown Yangon.

Protests in Myanmar have entered their fourth week, with the level of violence in clashes increasing.

Ms. Suu Kyi and many Myanmar civilian government officials were arrested by the military on February 1 in a quick coup.

The US, UK and a number of countries and organizations called for Suu Kyi’s release and imposed sanctions against the Myanmar military government and its business partners.

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