Taipei tests missiles, Beijing sends planes close
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Taipei tests missiles, Beijing sends planes close

The Chinese Liberation Army’s (PLA) Shaanxi Y-8 transport plane approached Taiwan on the morning of June 12, causing the island to dispatch jet fighters to block the route. `We detected the mainland’s Y-8 plane

Taiwan’s defense agency described the situation as `normal`, affirming that it has the right to monitor and control all activities in the waters and airspace surrounding the island.

Taiwan tested a missile on the night of June 11.

PLA transport approached Taiwan after the island’s Zhongshan Institute of Science and Technology test-launched two missiles from Taitung County and Jiupeng military base in Pingtung County on June 11.

Other missiles will be tested in the next few days, and Taiwanese fishermen have been informed of the launch schedule by the island’s fisheries department to avoid operating near the test area.

Wang Ting-yu, a politician with the Democratic Progressive Party, said the missile tested at Jiu Peng was Thien Cung 3 with a range of 200 km, designed to intercept guided missiles from mainland China

Beijing considers Taiwan a province awaiting reunification and has vowed to use force if necessary.

Taipei tests missiles, Beijing sends planes close

Shaanxi Y-8 transport aircraft of the Chinese army.

The latest missile test took place two months after Taiwan tested the Van Phong cruise missile between April 5 and 23 at Cuu Bang base.

The Van Phong missile development program was first known in December 2012, and is believed to have begun after the 1996 Taiwan Strait crisis. Beijing then tested missiles near Taiwan to warn of its intentions.

Thien Cung 3 is a 3rd generation area defense system developed by the Zhongshan Institute of Science and Technology to intercept tactical ballistic missiles.

`The system can intercept high-performance fighters, cruise missiles, anti-radar missiles and short-range ballistic missiles, and can attack multiple targets at the same time. The system is designed to be an independent battery.

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